My son started prednisolone last two months. 15mg/day for 2 weeks (he is 26kgs --> ~ 0.58mg/kg/day). Then reduce to 10mg/day (~0.38mg/kg/day). After two months, he got CPK test again. It is ~ 24,000U/L (two months ago was ~ 12,000U/L). So, Dr proposes to increase back to 15mg/day.

Anyone can give me some advise on :

+ Should steroid link with CPK level or not ?

+ Should I increase dose or not ?

Very much thanks.



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My (very limited) understanding is that CPK is an indicator of muscle damage.  It can vary quite a bit in our boys based on the amount of physical activity they may have done recently.  If the last while has been rather relaxed, you'd expect the level to drop.

I would ask the Doctor why he/she wants to reduce it.  I suppose the logic could be that on steroids, he's more active and as such is causing more damage, but you have to weight that against the increase in muscle mass from the steroids. 


Thanks for yr reply.

So, CPK changes probably does not related to steroid.

One more thing I want to ask : the dose is 0.75mg/day/kg ; some medical data mentions the maintaining dose can be 0.30mg/day/kg.

How are yr boys' starting dose - maintaining dose ?



In our case, Hayden is on Deflazacort and he takes 12mg/day.

Dear Andrew,

How is Hayden's weight ?



Hayden is about 18.5kg or 41lbs.  When he started he was probably a bit under 16kg (35lbs).  The doctor hasn't changed the dosage at this point.  When compared to other kids his age, he's underweight, and now he's becoming one of the shortest kids in his class.  When he was born, he was quite tall, so I  suspect the steroids are affecting his height already, but so far we're not having any issues with weight.

So, the dose is a little bit under standard (0.90mg/kg/day). Same as my son's dose (0.54mg/kg/day on prednisolone - standard 0.75).

Take care.


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