my son is 9 and he has a bike that someone not getting it got him for christmas last year, he really loves it and wants to ride it so bad, but he can not ride a 2 wheeler, he needs like training wheels, but regular training wheels are not sturdy enough they bend over, he loves the pegs on the back, and says he doesn't want baby wheels, so I found something called stabilizer wheels, made for bigger bikes. but they are expensive, does anyone know a program to help get something like this? or any suggestions as to what to get.

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I would call around to local bike shops, let them know what you are looking for and see if they can help you out.  Our son is 5 and had the same problem with the small training wheels.  He now has stabilizer wheels and toe clips that keep his foot from slipping.  His bike is also geared down a little to make it easier to pedal.  He only rides it around the end of our street and sidewalk and for short periods of time and loves it!  If you would like I can post a picture.

i would love a picture


Not the best picture-was taken on a phone.  Hope it helps!

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