I am trying to get some feedback about how many of your boys are in special ed or self contained classrooms versus regular main stream class rooms. My son is 7 and in 1st grade and is delayed/behind but does not test to be below the average as far as "MR" or needing self contained but the new school we transferred him to has put him in almost 100% self contained and said the other school told him that was what he needed. I was told during his IEP meeting that he would get 60% "one-on-one or pull out help", not self contained classrooms. I am just concerned because I know my son needs to catch up but I also know being in a classroom of 6 children with more severe handicaps than his own can slow him down and add to the social issues he is already facing...so any opinions/advice/suggestions would be so appreciated. I have called for an IEP update meeting next week so please let me know what you all think? Thank you!

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   Remember, you are in charge. He's your son. Both of my sons have DMD , 13 and 9, and only the 13 y.o. has an IEP ... so far anyways. Raise your concerns- don't let them dictate. Maybe ask why he is in self contained now since that is not agreed upon in the current IEP. Maybe state that - for now- we should stick to the current IEP and maybe down the road ,say next grade, we should revise that status. My son ,the 9 y.o. , doesn't have one yet, but they have a sheet of "modified activities" for Phy.Ed. class on file at school.

The current IEP states "special ed" which I was told was supposed to be "pull out" or "one-on-one" help.  There is no detailed descriptions listed there that states "self-contained" or "resource" as the schools list it. I am def in charge and appreciate your support in this. The problem I am having is all the school stating "oh we have to go by the current IEP by law". Needless to say, I have called for an emergency IEP meeting to change things. Did either of your sons have any learning delays or issues?

     neither - except speech classes

My son has an IEP- it addresses his learning and physical needs.  My son has been evaluated and is behind, but not drastically.  He is at the low end of average for some things and closer tot eh higher end for some other things.  He is in a typical class room and has a one-on-one aide.  this aide was origilnallyt o address his physical needs and help him stya on task (he is needs reminders ro stay focused, the teach agrees that she could not keep him on task without te extra support) he gets the same kinds of work, but less amounts and at a slower pace.  he will also be starting in a literacy group- 30 minutes each day, this is offered in his classroom to him and some other students- they are in pairs.  my son also receives OT, ST, and PT (more fir like consult about equipment etc)

I agree- you are in charge an I totally agree about him not being in the classroom with the mre profound handicaps.

good luck


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