Okay, so I know that snow skiing is a big NO-NO with our boys. However, since we are living in England at present and it looks like we will be moving back to Singapore in the next few months, we have gone ahead and booked a family ski trip to Austria in March. Now, I realise that our 5 year old son James will not be able to ski like his 4 year old sister, but I am hoping that he will be able to have a "token" lesson so that (if a cure for Duchenne doesn't come up in his lifetime) he will be able to say in years to come that he has been snowskiing. I guess it's my way of ticking off things on his bucketlist whilst he still can, as morbid as that sounds. We are trying to cram as much as we can into his life, so that he can say he has truly "lived a whole lifetime in a short amount of time", if this makes sense.

So my question to all of you is this - have you ever taken your boy snowskiing and, if so, how did he go? Was he able to do a "token" lesson and did he enjoy it?

I just want to make sure he has tried everything he possibly can. That's the least I can do for him, as his mum. I'd appreciate anyone writing with previous experience in doing this. Thanks.

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we did adaptive skiing last year. max ( age 7 with dmd) was able to ski short distance down the hill, they had 2 adults to one child to be safe. he tired very fast, but was quite proud of what he could do. we then moved him into the sled ski his brother was using all day, and they sped down the hill with an instructor at the wheel so to speak! as a side note, austin, now 11 (with dmd) enjoyed hiking, despite my better judgement, until he literally could not even crawl up the hill. there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with letting or even encouraging the boys to do what they can, the disease will progress, regardless. remember to let him stop when he wants, dont plan a long day, and take lots of pictures. have fun!
Hi Sharyn,
We have owned a ski vacation home in Vermont for over 20 years. We bought it prior to having our children with the hope of having it long enough for them to enjoy it some day like we have. We have 8 year old triplets. Prior to Cals' diagnosis (at age 5) we had 2 of the kids in ski lessons. It was that winter that I became most concerned about something not being "right" with Cal. The skiing was very hard for him but he stuck with it (wanted to keep up with his sister! and learn to do it like mom and dad!) He had a very hard time getting up when he fell and he was exhausted, always the last in the group. However, he still enjoyed going so we let him. The following season he did not want to ski and is happy with his dad piggybacking him up a few yards and having a go for a bit. But he did not want to do lessons any longer and realizes how hard the whole thing is for him. In his case, he sort of self regulated and made the decision he would never be a gung ho skiier. Not easy when you consider he spends most winter weekends at our ski house with 3 other families plus our own and everyone skis but him. Our family has begun to explore and encourage other winter activites that he can do. He is 8 now and loves snow mobiling, sledding, hanging out in the lodge and playing in the snow with all the other kids. He has his moments when he is sad that he can't ski like and with his sister but we get thru it. We have tried not to make the whole VT experience just about skiing. Not always easy though! We felt it important for him to try it and for him to be the one to decide if it would be or not be for him. I am actually relieved that he did not "take to it" so I don't have to take it away from him one day but I am glad that he had the experience! And he is very happy with himself that he "tried" it. Since then we have talked about adaptive skiing and he had the experience of watching his brother do it thru an adaptive program (his brother has down syndrome and autism) but for now he has decided he dosn't want to do that either.
Hope that helps!

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