I wondered if anyone could help me in my search. We are in need of a shower chair. We have a roll in shower so it is easy for him to get in and out of. Are most of them shower and commode chairs? I assume he would stay in the whole time, am I correct? What I think we need is one that reclines. Do they even make them that way? I thought that would be easier for washing the hair.



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We just bought the Shower Buddy -- actually the tub buddy with tilt. We have only had it a couple of weeks now. Ours is both the shower chair and commode, but we haven't used it as a commode chair yet. Yes you would be able to take it from toilet to shower. They do make a roll in shower chair that tilts.


We are starting the hunt for a new shower chair too. The things I am looking for are tilt, a headrest, medium to large wheels so I don't throw son out of chair getting over the 3/4 inch lip on the shower and a chest strap. I haven't found one yet that I like.

Good luck. I am interested to see what suggestions others make.
The one we bought - the Tub Buddy with Tilt -- came with both lap and chest straps and a head rest. We don't use them but we have them. They do make a roll in shower chair, with tilt also. Here's the link:

Roll-in Shower Buddy with Tilt


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