Should The Deflazacort Dose Be Doubled In 10 Days On/Off Regimen, I Need Answer,Please

My son is on 10 days on/off Deflazacort,he takes 24 mg of Deflazacort.He is 8 years,31 kg

Since he gained some weight so,dose needs to be increased up to 28 mg.

My question,is it okay to give him 30 mg as long as he is not on daily regimen or the dose has to be doubled according to this regimen?

One more thing,what if I decided to switch him to daily regimen but, with smaller dose?I mean in case of deterioration, and daily regimen will be the best choice,so is it easy to put him on 21 mg instead of 30 mg (as example) and how to do this?Is tapering this dose will be needed?




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Moein - any changes in steroids regarding the dose of medication or the schedule that you are following to give the medication, need to be made with your medical provider. The best suggestion is for you to call their office and ask them for advice regarding changes in dose or schedule. Is that possible?

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