My son turned 9 yesterday ,last PT visit my therapist said that his ROM in ankles has decreased from 10 degree (FEB 2009) to 6-8 degree now.she recommended serial casting .Please advise ,is this the right age for the casting or should I just concentrate on stretching and relaxing the muscles for improving his ROM(range of motion).Has any one benefited from serial casting.

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I have used this method for increasing ROM in other diagnosis, and it has worked wonderfully. However, if you son still walks, the casting would have to accomodate for this, and because the distal knee is weak and with the cast on, he wouldn't be able to use his lower leg muscles for propulsion or balance during the casting time, I would look carefully at weighing this option over night splint use.
thanks ,for the son uses night splints most nights .
My son is a little older, he's 18. Last summer (2008) he went through 3 or 4 rounds of serial casting and it was very successful. He was able to walk around the house with no problem with the casts on, he did use his wheelchair when we went out though. The unfortunate part is that he refuses to do any stretching any more or wear his night splints, while he hasn't lost all that was gained he has lost quite a bit. He is really only walking around the house at this point. I feel it was well worth it.


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