Just wondering if any of your little guys are using special seating or desks at school.    Josh (8 yr old) just got a tilt desk and a Wombat chair from the OT to try out.    The chair looks a little clinical to me, but he loves it and all the kids are jealous.  haha

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our son max uses a trip trapp chair for his writing and math, it helps with stability, support is key

Shaun has a special chair in his classroom. My son loves it. Hey were you at zooz the other day?  I am pretty sure that I saw you there.

Two years ago the OT had the janitor cut the legs on Simon's desk. Well, when Monsieur saw his desk, he threw such a hissy fit like they have never seen from this usually rather quiet and easy-going kid, that the prinicpal had to order that another 'normal' desk be brought to the class room STAT!

But a Womabat chair definitely sounds cool.


Cool it was Maya and Shaun's school trip. It was alot of fun. Well then a belated hello. I was running after a 4 year and a 2 year old so you can imagine.
My son has had his desk lowered by the OT to make it more comfortable.  He is also given alternative seating options for activities requiring floor time.  We have also brought in a chair from home to the classroom that is only for him to use.  When the OT came in to look at his seating arrangements they noted that the desks were too high for most of the kids, so they  made adjustments for each child.  It was something meant for our son that worked out well for all.

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