Hi all,
I know this isn't research, but I didn't know where else to post.

So I have an 18 month old who is the result of IVF with PGD.

He walked around 10-11 months, and' he's pretty amazing developmentally on the verbal side - talks in sentences, knows colors, letters, etc. You would think I'm using flash cards or something, but he just picks it up.

My concern is that he isn't able to run yet at all. I didn't think much of it, but yesterday, we were with two other kids - 17 and 18 months old, and both of them were running around like crazy. I felt a pit in my stomach - I thought I was going to throw up watching him run with that waddle I'm sure we're all familiar with.

My question is this - are 18 month olds supposed to be able to run yet?

He can squat when he plays like Aidan was never able to, tries to go up stairs like Aidan didn't, so it's not like there's any other potential red flags.

But the run scares the crap out of me, and so does what everyone else is saying - all kids develop at different rates, etc, because that's exactly what they said when we had concerns about Aidan.

Can you guys help? Do you I have a reason to be worried?


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I did a super quick search on Baby Center, and an article about 19-month-olds said that at 19 months, toddlers want to run, but they still might not be able to. I'd say you're OK, but I completely understand why you'd be concerned.
I would say that your little guy is doing just fine. I totally understand your concern, though. My youngest was tested at 4 months with a negative result. At 18 months, he was doing physical therapy for physical delays (failure to thrive due to massive tonsils and adenoids.) His PT asked me about the test several times and wondered if he shouldn't be retested. At the same time, a family friend (a nurse) mentioned to my parents that she was concerned that Caleb might have DMD like his older brother. This made me very nervous for awhile. VERY NERVOUS! I decided to wait until his 2 year well-check and have his CK levels retested. By 24 months, I was no longer worried, as he had more more than caught up. But, I went through the same thing. I thought my baby was in the clear, but then had to revisit that fear. But, it really sounds as if your toddler is right on track in all the areas. Those other toddlers are just overachievers! :)
You can have his CK tested, get the results during the same day. I am sure he is just fine, but that would help you not to worry anymore.

In the baby books I am reading it says that only SOME 18 month olds should be able to run. Of course, Robert having DMD is not running well even now at 21 months, but he was able to squat and tried to go upstairs at 17-18 mths.
Your 18 month old sounds perfect to me. Even though you had IVF w/ PGD, I could imagine why you're nervous. Are you concerned that the IVF didn't work properly?
My daughter is almost 18 months and still not running. She does a fast walk and is advanced in so many other areas. She started walking at 12 months and is still a little unsteady on her feet, but nothing like her brother was. I was worried for a while as she didn't crawl (my son never crawled) but then she surprised me by crawling about 2 weeks before she started walking. I think, as mums of kids with DMD, we are always going to be worried about younger siblings and constantly looking for "telltale" signs, but I think we need to try and relax (easier said than done) and just let our little ones progress at their own pace. It's sad that we can't fully enjoy the naivety of watching our younger kids develop without DMD in the back of our minds all the time, but I guess that's all part of being a DMD mum. I am due to have my 4th child any day (a little boy) and I know I am going to be super paranoid with this one about everything, even though we know he doesn't have the disease. It's just how it is.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. I think you're right, Sharyn - I'm just paranoid. Best with your new little boy.

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