recently my son brought it to my attention he would like bars for around the toilet to help him stand up, and we have 2 steps to get into room with back door (where bus picks up for school), and a few other areas. I built ramps to get into house from front, and a ramp to get into back yard, but i can't build this one. he is still walking, but it is getting harder, he still gets around well when not tired, its more getting up, well, walking seems like bit of labor but.. i am wondering about types others are using, also does insurance cover some of these things? i would like to be little more educated about options, i want to know what getting, i didn't know what i was doing for his manual chair, and wish i would have gotten him a different one, it was suppost to be to grow with and was not. he got it when he was 4 so served it's purpose, but now he needs new one and can't get one thru insurance. he does have a scooter now but really does need both, the scooter angers me!! also with the manual chair he wants one he can do himself, and says no arm rests. any ideas or suggestions for any of this would be greatly appreciated.

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For the toileting situation, We found that having a commode over the stall of the toilet worked best. This is because it was easier for my son to push up than to pull up. Also, the commode is higher up than the toilets usually are so it isn't "so far down." This made it easier on his legs once he shifted the weight from his arms to his legs -in the process of standing. Depending on your insurance, you should be able to get a commode through insurance.

An idea for medical equipment that you may need but isn't covered...including a wheelchair, check with your local "clubs" such as the VFW, ELKS, Moose Lodge, American Legion, etc. They have donation closets and happily help out. Also, MDA has one of these closets.

Make sure to bring up your concerns at his next doctors appt (hopefully he is seen in the Children's Muscle Clinic). As far as house modifications, check with your local authorities for housing and human services. There are grants available that pay for such modifications.

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