We are looking into getting an elevator built in our home instead of moving into another house. Calling some local contractors and getting some quotes at the moment. Does anyone have any insight into what to look for? Thanks in advance.

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What kind of price range are they? We've been thinking about this ourselves...
We do not have all the input yet. So far I got this info-

Basically getting an elevator involves 2 types of costs. The elevator cost (depending on the type of elevator chosen, installation, permit), + the cost of getting the shaft built(usually the elevator guys don't build the shafts). The price of this first part seems to be 19K- 35K( various choices). For the second part(building shaft), I have a general contractor coming this weekend to provide estimate. I am hoping to call couple of the companies before deciding. The second part can vary depending on the design of the existing home. I will post more info soon.
An alternative is installing an indoor lift for a 2 story application. Doesn't require a shaft or motor room or ditch. I believe it is less expensive and can be installed much easier in an existing home. However it does require a strong foundation so if it sits on a 1st floor with basement then the floor needs to be modified to hold the lift. Hoistways can be build around it also.


They used a lift in Extreme Makeover Home Edition where they had the lift go to the second floor, it would raise a section of the floor on the second floor as it went up to it and when it went down the section of floor would come back down and sit flush with the floor, you couldn't even tell there was an elevator there. They had it sectioned off so someone wouldn't be standing on the platform while someone used the lift.
Thanks. I will be looking at all the options before deciding.
There's a third alternative:


It doesn't require a hoistway or machinery pit, though I'm not sure where the machinery for the air compressor goes. I was told by the manufacturer that it's about thirty grand, which sounds like a lot until you consider closing costs for selling your house, buying a replacement and the costs of moving. I also think that number is for a 30" diameter elevator, which would be too small for a power chair. They have three sizes, 30", 37" and 52" - the 52" is probably what would be required. I agree with Franco that the two story lifts are probably the cheapest powered solution. The cost numbers I am hearing for these is more like twenty thousand dollars - again a boatload of dough, but comparable the closing costs on selling a $250,000 house, to say nothing of the closing costs on buying a new house and hiring movers. In places with mild winters like here in Southern California, one could also install the lift on the outside of the house, some of them are fully enclosed like:

Has anyone actually installed an elevator or a lift and what did it cost you for instillation and elevator/lift? We are looking at a house we may buy that has 2 places we think would be good places for an elevator/lift from the main floor to the basement. We're curious about the possibilities. Wish it were easier to discover price ranges.
OK, the lowest estimate we received for the total project is 60K (the cost of building a hoist way is 40K min.+ elevator 20k) Unbeleivable!!! We are dropping the idea. Just too much...

Any updates on this subject?  We are currently building a home, prepped an area for the lift in the framing, and using what is known as a vertical platform lift, for around 20k

We have a Savaria Telecab (with auto door opener).     Works pretty good, and gets out of the way.   

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