My son-in-law is touring colleges in the US so that he can study the brain and how it is affected by DMD, hoping to one day figure out how to help that aspect of this disorder.

So far, he has been brought in for interviews by Penn (Ivy league), Washington Uni. in St. Louis, and Uni. of Southern Cal.

Personally, we want him to go to USC because it is close to home and we will still have our grand babies close to home. But, funding there is low. Yah, cuz George Lucas and Will Ferrell are giving all their money for the acting portion of the school. No worries, USC is what it is...a great school to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

So, that leaves him with UWinSTL and PENN.

Does anyone in these areas know anything about these schools? How is their Neurological programs? Heard of the professors/doctors that work with the students?

Any feedback would be great.

Robert McDonald, I met you at conference in philly 2008....if i remember correctly, you went to school in STL. Can you provide any feedback?

Any help i can get to help my son-in-law make an informed decision on where he goes for his graduate degree is greatly appreciated.


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Paul, they are doing that program. I guess the neighborhood is under the flight path for the airport, but who cares. A home is a home. Shane has to finish his education within 5 years or he would have to pay back the money given from the school. But, knowing Shane, he wil be finished before the 5 years. The kid is pretty dang smart. FInished High School in 3 years. Graduates from Cal State San Marcos next month, then off to UPENN the same month.

Makes me wish I could start over. Didn't realize you could get a scholarship to an Ivy League school and have them help you purchase a home for being smart...pretty amazing.

BTW, you're right, you're not a neighbor...45 minutes is like being in the back yard. 45 minutes for some good eats is nothing. Remember, young starving students...LOL.

Take care,
Donna, I thought about you when I told Paul i hold him responsible...I was just waiting for you to take the bait. hook, line, and sinker.

That's 2 meals a week now, one from an ex cook and one from a Mommom....that's some good meals right a pool. HA.

Anyone else near Philly?

Thanks, Donna, I will let them know. Also, you do know what this means, right? We will be visiting, hopefully at least once a year, so we will finally be able to get together.

I was hoping you would say that:)

Also, you do know what this means, right? We will be visiting, hopefully at least once a year, so we will finally be able to get together.


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