My six and a half year old I thought was potty trained a year and a half ago but I think I was wrong. He has always had problems going poop on the potty and has accidents in his pull ups which we are okay with as they were not frequent. Last two weeks he has not used the bathroom at school and just pee's in his pull up. He refuses to go at school. At home, he will use the potty when asked or sometimes when he has to pee. I am not sure what to do as pull ups are expensive and he's almost 7 and will be in first grade where kids are mean. We have tried taking away things but that doesn't seem to work either. We need some major advice on what to do. Thank you! 

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My boy went through this too. He had a really loud bathroom in kindergarten and it freaked him out for years after. We tackled it head-on, but it took a while.Settled down by 5th grade ... good luck

I don't know if this will work for you but it worked for my son.  He has 2 older brothers that were in school with him so the teacher had one of them take him to the bathroom.  Does he have a para or maybe another boy who would help him and be understanding?  As time went on though I would go back to the school and bring him home so he could use his own bathroom. Then I would bring him back after he was done.  I did it for years . I don't know if that's an option for you. I asked my son who is 24 now why he wouldn't go at school and he said it was too hard  to do alone and he needed help.  So I don't think bribery will work

Good point Michelle.  Everything is worth trying, don't give up.

Sorry, I just want to add to my last comment: never give up, but you can give yourself a break from trying sometimes.

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