I have always bought it at GNC, now, they don't seem to carry it.  Can I buy it at a discount anywhere else?  I can't figure out how to use a coupon code anymore on Protandim and can't register on there as well.  Any help would be great, as I only have a few days left and can't find it anywhere, except paying $50.00 by calling Protandim. Thanks, Michelle

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Ebay Warning for Protandim: http://www.studynrf2.com/EbayAmazonWarning.aspx  Looks like there is fraud going on with it on eBay.  I think the company is talking with ebay to have their stuff taken down, and find out who these guys are.

When I talked on the phone with Dr. Joe McCord back in 2006, (Baylor was 2 years old,and the youngest ever at that time to be on Protandim, according to Dr. McCord's knowledge) he told me to give him 1/2 tablet until he reached 70 pounds.  He is 7 now, and only 42 pounds, so he will be on 1/2 for a while.  We crush it into a powder and give it to Baylor in a spoonful of jelly, chocolate syrup, or yogurt.  It's still hard to get it into him, because of his temperament, but I'm determined.  

I've recently become a LifeVantage Independent Distributor,(decided I had told everyone about Protandim for years and might as well sell it) and I can sign anyone up for autoship for $40 a bottle plus tax and shipping. Please go to http://www.mylifevantage.com/264618 and you can enroll for autoship.  If you have any questions please visit my PPMD page =)


My name is Mark Barr. I am actually a certified distributor of Protandim. Below are instructions for how to sign up for autoship and recieve Protandim for $40 / per bottle. Let me know if you have any questions. I am a big believer in the benefits of this supplement. If you have any questions please don't hesistate to contact me.

markanthonybarr@yahoo.com or 717-814-1164


Go to www.lifevantage.com. Click SHOP (blue buttom at the top right corner), enter the products quantities you wish to order. Then click CHECK OUT.  Then in the distributor section and type in 739135 as the distributor reference code. This will give you the preferred cusotmer price for all the products. Which are the cheapest you can purchase anywhere.

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