Preventing calcium leak in DMD significantly reduced muscle damage

 Was wonder if the Parent Project was aware of it.  If not, I think we should be. A company named Armgo Pharma inc. in New York State has 2 drugs in phase II trials in Europe for the heart muscle and 1 drug of muscles disorders in development. Would be great if Sharon Hesterlee or Lee Sweeney look into it. 
Should I send it to them directly? 
Armgo Pharma inc. web site:

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Hi Jason,

This certainly is interesting - I wonder what's next? It looks as if they are not yet close to human trial with this treatment, and the MDX mouse doesn't always translate.

It is encouraging to see another avenue of study being explored.
Armgo Pharma's Heart Failure drug is in phase II trials in Europe.   And will help people with DMD. 



The Parent Project should be helping them to get orphan drug status on there MD specific drug or at least looking into this drug.


Sharon Hesterlee do you have any new insider info?
Update on Preventing calcium leak drug. 
 If you looked through the slide show presented by Annameike Aartisma-Rus
 at the 2011 Connect conference it shows that calcium leak is a leading cause of muscle fiber damage.  This drug addresses this fundamental problem.   


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