Hello !

One pharmacist introduced me Methyprednisolone which is regarded as less effect on weight gain, and on stomach in comparison with Prednisolone. But my son's doctor recommended not since all data mentioned  Prenisone/Prednisolone/Deflazacort as steroid only.

Anybody can give me more advise.

I let my son use Methylprednisolone for a few days and found that he has no more stomachache in the morning as when he tooks Prenisolone.

Much thanks.


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Did your doctor prescribe anything to protect your son's stomach while he is taking steriods everyday?  My son takes Prednisolone everyday and ranitidine, which is a proton pump inhibitor that is supposed to protect his stomach while taking the steriods.  He does not have a stomachache and even while on the prednisolone he eats about like he normally did before and has not gained weight, but he is young still and really active. 

Dear Megan,

Much thanks. I will ask doctor about ranitidine. It's good that your son has not gained weight. My son has not gained much weight but his face starts a little rounder.


I would contact another doctor for a second opinion, who is more familiar with the options available. We are using Deflazacort after having started on Prednisone, but did so only under the oversight of Dr. Biggar and then Dr. Wong.

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