Just how long can I expect the batteries on my son's new power chair to last? We just went to WalMart, he was at 100% fully charged (let it charge overnight) and after being there just about 20 minutes he was already down to 55%. We finished up and came home and he was at 30%. We parked kind of far out, but not that far out. I am still getting used to this full sized van and am a little nervous parking still. He has a Quantum Q600 by Pride Mobility.

Very frustrated if that's as long as they'll last,

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The Website for that chair says the battery should last up to 20 miles per charge. I would call your DME vendor, it sounds like you may have a defective battery since I think you did not go anywhere close to that. We had that happen with my son's scooter. We signed for it on Delivery with an uncharged battery. We charged it and it would only hold a charge for 10 minutes. Then had to pay for the repair to the battery because we signed for it that it was in acceptable condition. After the repair we have had no problems with it holding a charge (but that is a scooter, not a chair).

My husband is calling the vendor, but I just wanted to check with someone who has more experience than us. We've only had the chair about 6 months, but only recently started using it regularly since we didn't have a van to transport it until just before Christmas.
My son has an Invacare chair and his chair will hold a charge for several days. If we do alot of running around, it will still hold a charge for at least two days. We charged it last night and before that we had charged it on sunday night. In those three days he had gone to school and all over our childrens hospital for appointments, plus running aorund our house and back and forth to my in laws next door.

Dave spoke with the vendor today and he said its a bad battery cell. They are coming out tomorrow to replace it. He told Dave that about 20% of batteries are defective from the factory. We feel bad because we couldn't really use the chair a lot when we first got, we didn't have any means to transport it until we got our new van and Jon doesn't use the chair around the house very much yet.
I have two sons in Power wheelchairs, I was told by our vendor to charge the batteries everyday if you have gel cell batteries, which we do in both, regardless of how much the chair is driven around that day, they say it extends the life of the battery.
They told us every other day, even if its not being used. But my dear hubby is quite insistent that batteries have memories and that charging them too soon with weaken them. I am glad I made him call the vendor because they had a talk about the difference between the old style NiCad batteries and these gel batteries. Now we should all be on the same page (I hope).
Well, the batteries have been replaced and it is so much better. We were out yesterday to church and then out to lunch and they were still about 98% when we got back.
we have the same chair, it lasted two full days in disney parks (my husband forgot to charge overnight)
That's good to know!

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