Hi, my son is 10 and getting more difficult in walking. We are going to buy power chair for my boy. Anyone can give me some advice of the suitable brand. Much thanks.


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My son uses the Permobil M300 and it's been great for him. But different kids have different seating needs. Find a wheelchair clinic in your area and a specialist can help you choose the right chair for your son.

Much thanks Tammy. I will check Permobil.

I agree with Tammy but also ask questions as if you were buying a car. Look at multiple manufacturers, test drive them, look at features, clearance heights, widths and costs. My son has a Permobil C500 which has the standing capability. The chair is 3.5 years old and we have replaced the motors twice with them making noise and going out again. The batteries have been replaced 2 times as well. 

You also want to think about how you're going to transport it, the C500 weighs around 450 lbs. without him in it. We have a Mercedes sprinter with a commercial lift (Like a school bus). We are getting a new chair, just waiting on insurance to clear through and we did not go with permobil this time. 

Much thanks for yr advice. It is used in and out-door, isn't it ? We are living in Vietnam, so I doubt if it can be used out-door here :-(

We may use only at home and in class. In this case, shall we need less function, lighter chair ? Sorry to ask many questions since we do not have any Wheelchair clinic here.


It all depends on your sons needs. Will he be using the chair for only short periods of time? You may only need a chair with power assist wheels and not a full power chair. The C300 will go outdoors as well

Thanks a lot Tammy.

Hi,  my son is 19.  When he first began to have trouble walking around 10, we got him a manual wheelchair.  He only used it at school and when we went somewhere we were doing a lot of walking.  Once he began using the chair full time, we got him a Quantum power chair.  We are on a tight budget and couldn't afford much, so the company we talked with suggested the Quantum because as long as the motor is good, everything else can be changed out. He's had the same chair several years now.  Initially we purchased a basic chair and each year we upgrade something. One year it was tires, another year it was actuators to make the chair go up, foot rests, and recently he just got a new seat for it. 

Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I think I will buy firstly a manual wheelchair for my son. Full power chair may not be suitable for our place (we live in Vietnam). We have almost no support system for disable people in school and in public areas, so my son will not be able to use power chair. In school, elevator is not available, and my son studies on 2nd floor, he can walk a little bit but daddy has to carry him up/down stairs everyday :-(


I'm sad to hear that there is no support system in the schools or public area. America has laws but I still find it hard to get my son around many places.
I hope the school will work with you and give him classes only on the first floor. Dad will not be able carry him all the time as he gets older.
I'm sorry your family has to deal with Duchenne with no community support. Sometimes I find myself getting angry but it is so fruitless. It doesn't help Rowen or me at all. We are all in the same boat just trying our best to take care of our boys. Over here in America we are thinking of your family Trinh

My son will enter Junior high school in next year. We have to find school with elevator (not many)

Your words and kindness give me support, Tammy and Nancy. Thanks a lot.

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