My son Lance has DMD.  For the last year we have been doing an experimental therapy.  Lance is the ONLY person in the country - probably the world - to be trying this therapy.  We are having what I feel is AMAZING results and I think now might be the time to share this good news so that you too might consider the therapy for your child.

First - I want you to know that I have no affiliation with this company at all.  We only looked into this therapy because my husband had a stroke and was using this photobiomodulation to help himself with recovery.  The company, called The Hope Institute, suggested we treat Lance to see what results we could establish and we decided we would.  After all, it is only light therapy and it CAN'T HURT A PERSON IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

Here is the results after 10 months of therapy:


Standing - 10 seconds      Standing 50 seconds            

Blood Pressure - high        slightly elevated

Walking - 3 steps with assistance    walking 46 steps with assistance

heart rate - elevated controlled with medication   doctors considering removing medication

spine x ray - 10% curvature      NO curvature

attitude -  sometimes depressed / occasional crying jags  Lance is always happy

Now the doctors want us to get a gait trainer!  Yes!!!  That's right!  THE DOCTORS want to get Lance walking even more!! Now THAT'S progress!!!  I'm SO Excited!! 

The doctors are excited about Lance's progress too.  Can you believe it?  Yes, I said progress.  One doctor even said  "progress isn't a word we use with Duchenne patients, but in your case we can say it. That's astounding."

Now, let me tell you this… I am a mom who has a kid with DMD.  I know the hope we all hold out for our boys.  I also know how desperately we all want to grab onto any therapy.  I know we all need to find our own path and advocate for our sons.  That is why I have taken Lance to this therapy for a year and I have not shared this with you.  I wanted to make sure these results were real.  I do not want to give you false hope or false results.  

Gosh, I feel like I sound like a "too good to be true" infomercial.  I get that.  I know what it sounds like…but I am here to tell you that this is factual information and it is time to open this therapy up to all families who would like to see what this light therapy can do for your child.

Now, the Hope Institute in Easton Pa. ( located in Eastern Pa. about a 15 minute drive from New Jersey) is looking to try this therapy on some new patients to see if they can duplicate the results with others.  Yes, your child could be that person!  Even if it stops the progression of the disease, that's positive results!!  I know…it doesn't seem possible but I am here to testify that all you are reading above is true and accurate.  

Do you want to give this a try?  Remember, there is NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS!  It's only light therapy.  It's kind of like laying under a tanning bed 2 or 3 times a week, except you don't get tan! 

I don't know if The Hope Institute's web site has been updated as of yet, they used to be ATA Revitalization.  You can look them up through Google and see what they do.  Yes, treating DMD and having positive results was hoped for, but not expected.  

Call Toni Chicci, the owner, directly.  She is waiting to get your son or daughter under these lights to see what positive results we can document for you.  Just think!  If we can duplicate these results with other MD patients, THEN, we might change the direction of this disease for the world!  What an amazing blessing this would be.  I have hope that this might be it.  It actually takes my breath away to think so.

Call Toni at (610) 438-1765

My apologies that this sounds so infomercial like… I am very excited about it and I want to extend this hope out to all of you.  I can't wait to meet you at the Hope Institute.  They are an amazing bunch of women doing amazing things with their light therapy. Make the call, commit the time, and see what happens.  God Bless

If you need, you can call me directly, my cell is 610-751-5121.   I can't answer questions about cost though.  That needs to go through Toni Chicci.  I can tell you if we get more positive results for more patients, then medical insurance will eventually cover this cost or Grant money from hospitals like CHOP and Hershey Medical Center will fund this treatment.

Here's to Hope <3


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