Hi All,

My son 6 yr old and deflazcort for about 1 yr. I would say he is active condisering DMD.

He wants to have paly date with his school friend who live in our neighbour hood. Friend and his parents have no clue about my sons' condn. I need some tips.

1) What do i tell my son and his friends what being careful about running, climbing etc?

2) What do I say to encourage them to play indoor games?

This will be his first play date all by himself. I very nervous.



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Maybe you might think I am crazy but especially since they live in your neighborhood you might want to tell the family. It would be nice for your son to have someone "grow up with him" knowing what is going on. It would also be good for you to have some support close by.
As for how to manage the playdate, You may have to police them a little and just encourage them to be careful. I am sure your son has learned his limits by now and will also help in limiting the outside activity.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
Thanks Jessica,
Yes I am planning to tell the family.
I am just thinking how is the frieind going to react when he realize that there they are too many restrictions.
We have a neighbor whom is only a few months older than Joshua. We told he and his family about Joshua's disease and what he can and cannot do. He didn't ask any question, he just went and played. When they play tag, he does all the running and takes his time catching Joshua. When they climb snow hills, he helps him. Kids are really resilient and if they are informed, they are accepting. His whole school, minus 1 or 2, help him and don't tease or condemn him. It is now just regular talk each time we see the parents and kids. The kids and parents know... but keep wanting updates. Kids are sponges.

Thanks naomi
Nice to know that Joshua has a nice friend.
Yes, I will explain to the kids and parents and hopes kids still enjoy each other's company.

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