Hi all. My son Luc is now 5 years old. He is compaining of tingling or a sensation that something is on his feet and legs. He says it is like something is crawling on him. Has anyone elses children complained of the same things.

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Yes, my son 7.5 has issues like this. Sometimes he says it is the foot fallen asleep or itchiness around the shins. Has described sensations like feeling like he is getting mosquito bites in the legs. Notices and comments on how his calf area is so "fat". When I told our clinic about the mosquito bite comment, they replied that that was a good way to describe "it" but didn't really indicate specifically what it was

Hi Rose. Thank you for this. We are having a check up at the childrens hospital next month and I will bring this to their attention. I was just curious if it could be connected as he just started talking more about it.

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