The question I have is regarding how often my son of 4 should have a dedicated physiotherapy session.

Currently we visit a physiothearapist once per month who assesses the strength of his calf muscles, hamstrings and quads and general mobility. She does not actually do any work on him. I am concerned that he is not having a therapy session. Yes we do the relevant stretches every day and yes we dont want to over work him but he is doing excellently and is very ambulatory. I do not want to have him go backwards because we have not worked on his hip flexors or something like that.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings with regards to this.

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Cincinnati has recommended PT visits every other month for us.  Insurance coverage for PT is a challenge for many in the US.  I've been told that the most important thing is daily stretching.  The office visits are more to address injuries, and to assess how range has changed and your home program should be modified to address it.

You might also try contacting Jennifer Hernandez, who is a physical therapist that works a lot with DMD boys.  I'm not sure if she follows this board, but she's on Facebook, and her contact info is on her webpage.  She's quite engaged and has answered questions for me before.

Thanks very much. Will do that.

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