Anybody has any update on the new Myostatin inhibitor for Pfizer which suppose to enter phase 2,please?
Any news about HT-100?

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48 weeks then another 48 weeks for the 3 arms:placebo then drug,drug then placebo,drug then drug
All of the children will take the drug in the extension study
Do you think Sharon this drug might be better than previous drugs like ACE 031?

Hi Moein:  The Pfizer drug is different from the ACE 031 drug--it is more specific in it's activity and you might predict that it's less likely there will be the kind of side effects that were seen in the ACE 031 trial, but that's speculation on my part. 

Hi Sharon,did the healthy volunteers gain bigger and stronger muscles?

Moein, I don't believe the company has released any results from the healthy volunteer study. 



When we were talking to our Neurologist earlier this month, she said that the boys that were on a previous myostatin inhibitor trial (not sure if it was ACE 031) were doing very well, and she seemed optimistic about this one.

But Sharon said that the new drug works in different way!

Yes, supposedly it is more specific in how it blocks myostatin, which in theory should give similar results with fewer side effects.


There was a concerted effort to hype a new trial from Pfizer few months ago on cable news. They were strangely secretive about it, but spoke about it in dramatic terms.

I started discussion on it

Would you guess that they were referring to this myostatin inhibitor?

Sorry David, I really can't speculate.  If Pfizer hasn't made something public its generally because they are not yet ready to talk about it.


Is there any relation between Myostatin and bone growth?
I mean,can boys grow taller when Myostatin is blocked?

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