Hi Everyone,

I need suggestions for pants my son Alex can wear while sitting in his w/c that will allow him to use a portable male urinal.

Haven't found anything I'm excited about online !!!

Thank you, Happy Holidays to all !!!


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We buy pants at JCPenney.  They have a very soft elastic waist which he is able to pull down and go to the bathroom himself.  We find them in the sports section.  They come in gray, blue, and black.  The bottoms are also elastic, so there is no trip hazard for him.  They are cotton and run about $15 - 29 a pair depending if on sale.

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you Christine !

What we found that works really well for Kyle, oddly enough, is athletic shorts. He wears those all the time and uses a urinal just fine. We are working with a local company called Koolway Sports (http://www.koolwaysports.com/) to make a custom pair based on a design from Silverts. The Silverts pants were not that attractive and needed alterations for Kyle. Give Jennifer a shout she will be happy to give you a hand. Their coats are awesome by the way, we have a spring and a winter coat for Kyle.

Thank you Fred.  We have trouble with coats here too.  They need to be large enough to go around him, but not so bulky that they are hard to manage.  

Sounds like clothing is a huge opportunity for some designer!

Christine Pierce

Great Web site Fred!  Thank you!  I had no idea something like this was even out there.

The coats are not normal, they do not go around. They have very high quality zippers running down the length of each arm allowing them to become flat. The back then gets pushed down between Kyles back and the back of the chair. Head goes through the hole, arms go through their holes and the zippers are done up. Tuck everything else in and presto, you're done.

This is Kyle and I in a quick and dirty video we did for them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aAl4gjcLYM&feature=youtu.be

I should also point out that these coats and everything else they make is 100% sourced materials out of NORTH AMERICA! That is to say, nothing from freaking China. They wear like iron and hold their value. The first coat we purchased we received a credit of over 50% of the original purchase price. John and Jennifer are awesome people too.

We use those "fleece" sweat pants, have to get them tailored, to match waist to length, but they stretch well and are easy on,easy off for him and comfortable. He has never worn anything with a belt since he was very young.

try a company called ReSolve Apparel, it is owned and run by a friend out in Halton Hills who recently lost his step son who had DMD. You tell him what you want, and he will get it made for you, good quality clothing.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your taking the time to help us out !

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