Not sure if this has been posted before, but I just came across this link to have a cause featured on the Oprah show.

I submitted "Our Story" and gave info on PPMD, Run for Our Sons and Coach to Cure MD with lots of links (including one to Carter's montage that I send with fundraising emails) and some pictures of Carter. Maybe it will touch someone and they will want to feature PPMD. I will let you all know if we hear anything back and thought I'd pass on the link if others wanted to try as well. =)

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YEAH!!! Good luck with this! My son has not been diagnosed at this point, and we are all hoping for another diagnosis, and as many here I had never heard of this before life came mildly crashing down on us...I wish you the best, people definitely need information and I think this is definitely a worthy cause...
I hope Oprah can feature this on their show. If there is anything I can do, send an email to Oprah myself, please let me know.

Rhiannon, Good Luck! That would be awesome if a family could appear on Oprah and tell their story and raise awareness about DMD. It would be great if it could have been before Coach to Cure. I think if Oprah told everyone to text $5 lots of money could be raised.

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