Just curious how often parents have had to replace night splints because your son outgrew them. Do they last a couple months, 6 months, a year?


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Jack has worn his for over 6 years and we are on our third pair. I don't remember it being specificly 2 years, as he has grown in spurts. It has been as needed, we take them with us to our appointments every 6 months to make sure they still fit well, etc.

ang :)
We have an appt with the orthopedic doctor every 6 months and he checks the size. Daniel has had 3 pairs now since he was 5. He will be 8 in a couple of weeks.
My 9 year old is still in his first pair. He has had them almost 3 years. His PT checks them every 3 to 6 months. I keep thinking its time for a new pair, but not yet.
We always get our adjusted. They can stretch them out for us. So they are lasting for a year. But recently my son has had a growth spurt and will be getting new ones after only a few months.
We're on our second pair. The first we got around Sept or Oct 2005, the second in March 2007. They still fit great.
Thanks for the replies.

We got measured for the first pair in December. When they were delivered in January, the orthotist said he was on the verge of needing a bigger size. He said it would be covered under the warranty.
We are almost in need of our second pair. We just had the calf part adjusted/widened because he got taller and the straps were now lower on his big calf. Our PT said usually every 6months you need a new pair, especially when they are little and going through frequent groth spurts.
We are on our first set still and they are 3 years old, but Xavier has not grown in the 3 years either. We'll be starting growth hormone soon so that may change.
Our son's lasted a year or two before we replaced them. I know our insurance paid for them - I think. Also - MDA fund will help too. Good luck. Char
My son is 7.6 yrs old, yet he doesn't have night splints because NO body from the medical staff told us that he need one,I will call his dr to ask him for splints I'm sure they will be helpfull for him.
With the last two hospital we been,I think that you have to ask them first about everything THEN they will say OK,it suppose to be the other way...!!??
Char - if MDA pays, does it count as the DME that they'll only pay for every few years?
Joshua is coming 6 now and is on his third pair. We don't have a regular appointment to get them checked, but each year we go to his annual appointment with his 4 doctors, we take his boots along and have them checked. In between though, if his toes are getting too close to the end, just like regular shoes, I lay him down and see where they come to. If they touch the end, we make an appointment and go have some new ones made. It takes about 6 weeks to get the boots made and ready to pick up. We don't have to pay for them even if his feet grow out of them twice per year.


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