We are in Florida and having a really hard time finding a company that can make the night splints for Daniel correctly. We have had 3 different ones made in the last three years and the only ones that were made right were the first set. Unfortunately, he has outgrown them now and we need a new set asap. We keep being told to take them back and we do when they dont fit and they try to alter them. His pair last year hurt him and he complains constantly and wont wear them. We took them to Cincinatti this trip to the hospital, and were told that they were made wrong in the first place. They had been returned and altered 4 times to get them to this point of someone saying that they were made wrong. We could have had them made in Ohio while we were there, but it was the last day we were there and the rep from Hanger was on vacation that day :(

I am looking for some company in state and am willing to drive into anywhere if necessary (In Florida now) to get a good set. We have struck out with the local American Orthotech and Hanger in our area

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When I was age 14 a doctor prescribed night splints. I used them for one night and refused to use them. Thinking back it was a smart thing I did. I believe moving around while sleeping helped keep up my strength. I believe if I had used them I would have lost a lot of strength. This is my experience having lived with MD all my life. I’m now in my 40’s. I’m not saying others should do the same. In my opinion it’s important to stretch and to stay warm to keep muscles from being tight.

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