Hey eveybody my son takes deflazacort alternates 15 mg and 7.5 mg daily.  I missed his dose this morning and did nt realize it till sometime later after my son is three hours with his dad going to a colege football game! I'm super stressing because I wont be able to give his today's dose until late tonight! If I do that is it going to hurt him? Also when should he take tomorrows dose?I've searched the internet, tried to call CInci Childrens and got nowhere!

Anybody out there got any advice?


Thanks, Summer Ray

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We have had this happen when Xavier had a stomach bug.  He got his full dose at 7pm (normally takes at 7am) and our doctor said we could go ahead and give him his full dose the next morning at the usual time.  I will say he slept in the next day and we gave it to him when he got up around 9am.  It happens to ALL of us, no worries, it will be fine!!!  Just know he may not sleep well taking the dose later in the day so plan tomorrow for a grouchy kid accordingly :) 

I agree.  No need to worry.  We've done this numerous times and just give him his deflaz later in the day and a little later than normal on the next day to spread it out a little.  We haven't noticed any problems with this.


I hope this helps you worry a little less...  :)

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