Medic alert bracelet no longer readable already ...

Max has had his medic alert bracelet (from Fiddledee IDs)for less than a month, and the front is already so scratched that it is impossible to read, and the colored area in the medical symbol is half-gone. The owner claims the product isn't defective, it's the wear and tear Max has put it through. Max is not a coal miner, he's a little three-year-old who plays in dirt and play-doh, so I think it's ridiculous that I am not being offered a refund.


Has this happened with anyone else? I don't want to order a similar metal one from another company just to have this happen again ...


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I have used a website called ""......and had very good success with their bracelets.....kept one for almost 3 years and it was still readable..


Thanks, Joy. I'll check them out!


On a related point to your topic, my son has been  placed on daily prednisilone 4 weeks ago.
I was told to get a medic alert  bracelet. 
Would you be able to advise what wording I am to put on Cooper's braclet?? 
Thanks for any help! 

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