I have never been tested to see if I am a carrier of DMD. I now have my life insurance all lined up, so I do plan on pursuing this. My question relates to symptoms. I really have no idea if this could possibly be related, and I'll ask Dr. Wong when we see her next month, but here goes. This past week I was diagnosed with a very low functioning gall bladder (no stones or infections) and ideopathis gastroparesis. Both seem to be a muscle issue, from what I've read. Has anyone that knows they are a carrier had anything like this?

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Interesting, as I had my gall bladder removed about 9 years ago because it was only functioning at 12%. I am a carrier. Michelle
I am going for my results on carrier status in 3 weeks. My nephew has DMD and my sister is a carrier, so myself and my mum have been tested so far (I have 3 other sisters to be tested). The genetist told me that carriers would sometimes get slight tightening of chest where you feel it is hard to breath. Totally treatable. That was the only symptom she mentioned. I remember it because my sister had been complaining of that the past few years and she is a carrier, she just recently went for an Echo Transthoracic and will get her results in 2 weeks time.
I just want to share our story with anyone I can: My son was diagnosed in 1998. At that time I was tested to see if I was a carrier. I was not.
My daughter went in to get tested as well but was told that she could not be a carrier. Well, now she's married and ready to start a family.
My son is 16 and has not had any signs of puberty so he was referred to a genetics doctor and while review my son's file, he asked if there were any siblings one thing led to another and he felt that my daughter should still be tested even though I'm not a carrier. He said my "eggs" could have been defective and to eliminate any concern -- get her tested. Her results came back friday and she IS a carrier.

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