I have a 18 year old son with DMD who uses his bipap pretty much 24 hours a day, he does not want to be trached and wants to stay noninvasive with pulmonary support, he is going to have a sleep study done with a LTV 950 Ventilator in a few weeks, just curious if there is anyone out there using the LTV ventilator in this way and if they like it, I have done some reading about it, just curious, I am interested if any one is using any type of oral interface (mouthpiece) with the LTV 950, he trys to stay off bi-pap a few hours a day to give him a break usually in the mornings. Thanks.

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My significant other, Michael, is 40years old with DMD. He uses BiPAP at night and an LTV vent during the day-- although he is not entirely dependant on it. He uses noninvasive ventilation via an oral interface although he does have a nasal mask for use w/ the vent if he wants to sleep. It is terrific. We travel a lot and it is much more convienent. (Personally, I would recommend getting a couple of 3 hour batteries for travel-- much easier than the 8 hr external batteries) Mike also works and the oral interface makes using his computer much easier. He is very happy he uses his LTV vent and noninvasive interfaces. We would be happy to answer any questions.

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