My son is 2 1/2 and by the end of the day he is claiming that he has a hard time walking. He points to his thighs and says that it hurts and that we need to hold him. Each step makes him hurt. Tonight he couldn't even take a step and I had to carry him to bed. Has anyone else noticed this after an especially active day? And if so what do you do to relieve the pain?

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Joshua gets like this sometimes as well, but he's 6 1/2. At 2 1/2 is really young to be feeling like this from what I've learned. Is he in physio? We have a spa mat that we put in the tub and it blows bubbles up underneath of him while he sits after a really hard day. If he is still stiff, then he sits on a heating pad then we massage his muscles until he feels better and they are soft. Many times he'll fall asleep by the time we're done. Good luck! I still think he's pretty young to be feeling it in his thighs and complaining it hurts that badly. I'd be concerned. I'm thinking of you.

Before Sam started steroids (just after he turned 3) he would have days like that. It's a rarity now that he's on steroids.
Kelvin used to complain from when he could walk at 12 months until he was 3 and then quit and has rarely ever complained since. He didn't quit due to steroids, which didn't come around until 2 years later. It was always his thighs. Michelle
We see a naturopath as well as Dr. Wong, since putting Kian on a multi mineral, his complaints are fewer. We use Citramin II.
Yes my son is 2 years 10 months but has been complaining about leg pain and cramps for a while now, especially when he has had an active day. I use a heating pad under his legs when he is sitting on my lap. When the day has been extremely active I know that he will have pain so I give him some motrin.

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