I have 2 other kids and know that this is very normal. Normal unless your some has DMD and is on Deflaz. He was invited to a birthday party today for the 1st time. He is so excited and I am terrified because Kian is prone to outbursts. Loud outbursts. I want him to go, but should I forelorn the parents when I do? He has promised not to, but I have nothig to compare it to.

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When my son was invited to a birthday party that was for another DMD child, I of course said yes... we're getting together and he'll be able to get to know these kids and feel more normal. Until Nicolas was very rude to another DMD child (who was MDA ambassador in our area), and purposefully hit his cup on the bottom in order for the other boy to spill over himself. UGH! I apologized to the parents and they understood, but still... Then this year, I took Nicolas on his Kindergarten field trip and he was just a joy, and I saw the other boys, without DMD, kicking each other in the you know whats, and really rough housing it... they were rude and totally insensitive to each other. Now, I think Nicolas is just a boy and sometimes he has an outburst or two, but i'm not going to be embarrassed because i've seen regular boys his age act much worse!! Point is, let him go, let him enjoy himself, and if you can go - good - if not, let the other parents know that he sometimes has outbursts because of his condition. Our little guys need to just be normal too....
i sometimes dread taking my son austin (age 10) to parties because not only is he sometimes rude, with uncontrolable laughter, but i hate watching him try to get around and be like the other kids. on the other hand i always force myself to take him if he wants to go, i suggest calling ahead of time to discuss the plans for the party ( games with running? stairs to the other childs room?) i would also keep in mind that when the boys get tired they are more prone to misbehavior, we try to have the rest of the day be a lay low time to compensate for the party being so high energy. just as a side note, i have hosted many parties,because we have 5 kids, and kids in general are annoying, and high energy and loud, so probably your son will fit right in...good luck!
This may be a little off-topic, but I've grown to dread some of the preschool B-day parties, too. Mainly the Pump It Up parties (indoor bounce house facilities). My son, who's four, loves to go, but he needs assistance getting up the giant ladder to go down the slide--it's slippery and the "ladder" uses tiny blocks and handles. Last time, I was alone and had to take his one year old sister, too, so I couldn't help him as much. He always says he has a great time, but it breaks my heart to see him struggling to keep up. The other party had a mini golf course with about 10 million steps. Needless to say, I get a great workout from helping him at these parties! And he doesn't seem to mind the extra exertion for himself.

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