Hello everyone!

I just wanted to know whether anybody knew if there was different forms of Idebenone available, liquid or other, I'm currently mixing it with fresh orange juice, but there are very tiny beads of it that are visible and Dylan can see them.  He's says he can see them and taste them and I'm suspecting it won't be long before he refuses the juice.  So I wondered whether there was some form available that was either invisible or tasteless! Or does anyone know any great trick to give it to a child you can' t trick into anything?

Any help much appreciated! I really don't want to stop it as I have been seeing great improvement

Thanks very much!

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When Joshua first started receiving pills, we would crush them and try to hide them.  He got to the same stage and we told him he would have to start swallowing if he didn't want to taste it!  He practiced swallowing with rice krispies and now he can swallow horse pills!!!  Children should have the ability to swallow pills by the age of 3 if they don't have a weak gag reflex.  Joshua was almost 4 when he was able to.

When Tanner started swallowing pills ( he was 4) we bought him a " magic pill taking" cup. It was an inexpensive plastic cup that had a built in straw that went up the side. We told him to pretend there was nothing in his mouth and to drink normally. After a couple of weeks he was then able to swallow pills from a regular cup.

Thanks very much for your replies!  Dylan can swallow, he just does not want to... I have tried before and told him to just put it on his tongue and take a drink, and he wouldn't feel it going down, but he just panics. Might have to give it another shot if he keeps moaning about the taste! Only thing is, he doesn't know he's actually taking anything... Oh well, back to the drawing board! ;)

Hi Anne,

I open the capsules, mix the powder with a little melted chocolate, and them leave to set in ice-cube trays (the rubbery ones from IKEA or similar are good as it's easy to pop out the chocolate after). Dark chocolate disguises the taste pretty much completely, and I've yet to find a small boy who turns down a free choccy...

Worth a try anyway. It works for us.




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