My son is 17 and wakes up every couple hours to be turned. He weighs 82.5 lbs right now which means he doesn't have any fat to help cushion the but bones. That is when he is on his back. When he is on his side he also gets sore and needs to be rolled. He has a craftsmatic adjustable bed which used to be fine then we added a 4 inch memory foam when he started to get more uncomfortable. Now we are at this point. Don't know what to do. If you have any ideas please fill me in. Hoping for a cheaper alternative than the bed that turns. Whatever we need to do to give him the good nights sleep he deserves is all we want.

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There is a bed that is commonly used in the hospital and nursing homes that has sand or air moving to prevent bed sores. It is a twin size so it is not that big. If you were to call nay long term care center and ask for the Director of Nurses I bet they would let you look at one. Good Luck, Cheri
There was a discussion regarding beds in July 2008 "getting comfortable in bed" or something similar. I also remember discussions re this issue at other times with suggestions on comfy beds and beds that turned the boys a bit every so often.
A search re this might help. Joanne
Micro Turn Q plus is a system that gently rocks the person at night by alternately filling air tubes that go the length of the bed. My son loves it and I do not have to get up and turn him.

Also have your son's breathing status checked or if he is on a bipap have the settings checked. They may not be the correct ones any more.


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