I didn't know where to post this but I guess it's my turn to rant

I have lunch at work with 6 women. 3 who work together and 3 of us work in other offices in the same building. One of the women who works with the 3 is the manager of all the rental offices and for some reason thinks that gives her the right to talk about people and put them down.

One of the women who works with her went to Mexico on vacation with her family despite of the Swine Flu. I told her before she left that she has a right to make her decision but for Jacob's sake my decision is not to have lunch with her for the first week that she is back.

She got back on Monday. I ran into the 3 of them from the same office and the "big mouth" says to me loud enough so the whole store can hear it. "So where is your mask?" All I could say is "It's not funny. If it was only me to worry about I wouldn't care but I have Jacob to think about." It shut her up but no apology from her or the other two.

People make me sick more and more.

Maybe I am more sensitive to people more than others?

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I'm so proud of you for standing up to them!!!
Good for you. I tell others to stay away from me all the time when they are sick. I close my door at work or whatever, as we have enough to deal with and don't need added illnesses if we can stay away from them. Michelle
Donna you did the right thing. Chances are Jacob wouldn't have any extra problems if he came down with swine but who in their right mind would even expose him to it just to find out? Jacob, you and your family have enough to deal with, why add swine! When it came thru my area I asked for cooperation from family, friends and teachers while we stayed home more than usual. I know they must think I am "over the edge", which is not much fun, but it's a small price to pay to do everything possible to keep these boys healthy as much as possible.

You Go Girl!
It does seem to get hard dealing with people sometimes. You think they just don't understand or they have no idea... But whatever ever happened to consideration of others??? I understand where you are coming from completely!
I know the swine flu is a serious issue and I'm not trying to make light of it but every year in the US 5 to 20% of the population gets the flu, 200,000 are hospitalized and 36,000 die each year from flu related causes. I guess what I am trying to say is we need to take precautions every year regarding the flu because so far as I can see the regular flu seems to do more damage than the swine flu has so far.
I heard a report on the radio last night coming home from work. The said the numbers of people getting the swine flu in the US are growing so rapidly that the states may stop counting and that the ages of the population that are being hit the most are 1 - 18. Maybe it's not doing a lot of damage to those children that are healthy but remember the first child that died in California. I remember them saying that he had other "things" going on health wise and his immune system couldn't fight it off.
I understand all that and I've been listening to all the news on the swine flu. My point was that I don't think many people are aware that even the regular yearly flu stain is a big deal. It is important for all of us to take precautions each year like the flu shot, hand washing, etc.
Way to go.WE ARE MOMS,and will do what ever is best for our child.I would have done the exact same.
What I usually do in these types of situation is just sit down with them and explain exactly why the flu (any flu, not just swine flu) is dangerous to the boys:
1. If they're throwing up for more than 24 hours, they can't keep their steroid down, which sends them into adrenal crisis. Then, we end up in the hospital on a predinisone IV.
2. They're immune-suppressed because of the steroid, so they can't fight it off as well.
3. They have very weak respiratory muscles, so they're very prone to pneumonia.
4. The boys who died of peptic ulcers, from what I've heard, both had stomach bugs directly prior to passing away. So maybe there's something to stomach bugs causing already irritated stomach lining to start bleeding excessively.

That usually shuts them up. Nothing like a dose of our reality to get people thinking about how to look beyond themselves...
Up in Canada we call it the H1N1 virus... regardless, we are pretty sure Joshua, his brother, and his father all just had it. They just didn't have the fever that sometimes goes along with it. It has been said that 1 out of 2 people will get it but not everyone will know it and not everyone will get a fever from it. It is when you get a fever that you have to really watch out and get to the doctor fast. They all had the cough and Buckley's, Tylenol Cold and Cough, nor their asthma puffers would touch it. Their lungs were clear when we went to the doctor. The cough was coming directly from their larynx. I spoke with his geneticist on-line today and she agreed. I am just thankful there was NO fever!!!

Good for you! Some people need to remember to THINK before they open their big traps!!

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