Hi guys,
Jasdeep is almost 6 and is in kindergarten
school have evaluated jasdeep on congitive tests and he scored avg, which means no special ed program for jasdeep.
But we think jasdeep does have some learnning issues. we work very hard to teach him new skills. In his writing tests at school he had 6 reversal letters.
Some of the days he writes all his letter correctly and some of the days he will do the reversals. Same with the numbers.

any suggestions on how to get help from school on this issue?


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Sounds like they did a routine evaluation for school entry. What Nicolas' school did during the kindergarten year (beginning of year), is after the teacher did her own evaluations and spoke to me about Nicolas, the school then decided to enter him into reading class, speech therapy (I had an IEP put in place for Nicolas), and spent extra time with him on letters and sounds. We now have a tutor for Nicolas 2 nights a week to help him with spelling words and math. He seems to be catching up (he's in first grade), but he still is taken out of class for reading and speech therapy. We also have a "diagnostic class", and Nicolas has a friend (who has autism) and is take out of his class daily in the afternoon for an hour or so, and they specialize in some remedial learning. I may ask for more information on the diagnostic class, but just another word for remedial I guess.

My suggestion is speak with his teacher and discuss any of your concerns. Right now, Jasdeep is just entering school and many kids catch up once they're there - or soon afterwards.
Our kindergarten teacher said that reversal of letters, and especially numbers, is quite normal for this age, and that typically she would not worry about it at this point.

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