We are building a new house and would like to make sure we cover all the bases for the future (praying we have the most accessible home and don't need any of it). My husband and I were talking about an intercom system and he asked how it would be useful if he is in a bed. Does anyone know of a wireless kind, or has figured out a system for our boys. Thanks.

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Jessica, I don't know anything about an intercom, but put a phone in your bathroom...falls happen there and it is good to have one nearby! Also (and I am SURE you know this) put your light switches lower than normal and use the kind of door knobs with a handle instead of a knob..that way if you get a service dog, he can open the doors. Also, I have a friend ( a lady) with MS and is no longer abulatory. She built a new home and in her kitchen, she added a chair height section to her bar, so that she could prepare meals easily. She can also use it to sit at when her grandkids are over and are coloring or eating. Just some ideas.

Good Luck!
We have a system we bought at Radio Shack. You just plug it in to a regular outlet and it works really well. Probably not what you are looking for but it is portable, we took it with us on vacation and it worked even when we were in adjacent, separate rooms.
Not sure how well a wall installed intercom system would work...maybe if it was installed low- like really near the head of your son's bed. That way he could reach the controls & speaker. And, or just use the cordless doorbell idea...that way if he is unable to speak (ie barfing) he can call for assistance too. I do like the phone in the bathroom idea...could be a cell phone. BTW- I have 2 cell phones (called "boulders" by verison) that are kidproof, waterproof, and have walkie-talkie buttons. My son can use it from anywhere in the usa and reach me even if my cell isn't working well, or if I happen to be on my cell to somebody else. He takes it everywhere and I sure wouldn't hesitate to have him take it in the bathroom when he needs. Just have to clip it on to something so it won't fall in the toilet.
Hi jessica,

We bought an excellent one from Radio Shack. It's a Chamberlain.
It's square, it's wireless, and you have the option to leave it
sitting,(in our case right beside Carson's pillow) or you can hang it
up.We had it for 1 1/2 yrs before we had to change the
batteries. We leave it on all the time. Carons just presses the
button to buzz me or he can hold the button down to talk. At this
point in time, he really can't lift his arm and I leave it everywhere
for him. Much better than a walkie talkie, which we also have, as
the button is bigger and easier to push.
Hopefully they still sell them.
Good luck
Hi Jessica,
We completed modifying a barn into a wheelchair accessible home. During the build, we had an intercom system installed: 4 locations. We have 2 accessible "master" bedrooms downstairs for my sons. There is an intercom on the bedroom wall next to each of these bathrooms. 3rd intercom on the wall between the kitchen and family room. 4th intercom on my bedroom wall upstairs.

We usually set the units in my sons rooms to TALK, and the ones in the kitchen and upstairs in my room to LISTEN. You can adjust the volume so you don't hear sighs etc. overnight, but it picks up really well when they call "Mom" . During the day or when they want privacy, you can turn any of the units OFF. I can press TALK and they can hear me. My sons are older and one is unable to lift his arm to push button, so I set it before I go upstairs to my office. All of the downstairs units are LOW on the wall; reachable when sitting in the wheelchair.

It does save lots of steps, and gives my sons privacy. I can't hear WHAT they say when they're on the phone, online or typing with voice programs, but it's clear when they need something. I can answer a question... "When's lunch?" and finish the sentence or paragraph I'm working on...or I can hear if they need something like "I can't reach the remote"...or something more urgent.

We used baby monitors in our old house. I could take one with me when working in the yard. While it's possible to hear sounds of voices when intercom is off, they feel safer when they know the monitors are on. I sleep better overnight; I don't dream they are calling me only to find them sound asleep when I check.

It took a while to find a system that didn't require muscle strength to hold the button down to talk. You just have to experiment with the volume.

Hope this helps, Laurie
We actually purchased baby monitors since the boys cannot access any intercoms with the duchennes we decided to purchase the ones that are actually around 40 to 50 dollars. Electric not battery operated, although you can hear everything in the room they are in you are able to hear them if they call out to you and need any assistance at all. And you can put them anywhere they are and you can be in a different room.

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