Heart Failure Drugs Preserve Muscle in Muscular Dystrophy

What about this, any comments?

Both of them are apporoved drugs, farmacological approach and near treatment?

Am I missing something or this could be very promissing ...at least?



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Juan hello

Yeah,please let us know what the pediatric cardiologist has to say about this turn of events.For me here in Kenya,every info coming my way on DMD is critical coz the doctors that i have had to deal with do not seem to be that well informed on much of what is going on in DMD research.Actually the last encounter we had with a doctor in a government hospital lasted less than three minutes,with him reminding us yet again that there was nothing to be done and the appointments were just a formality.Regards. 

Wainaina, I will let you know, if I haven´t written something for sunday please send me a reply to this comment and I wiil reciev the alert!

have a great weekend!


Hi, my son is 20 and has been talking lisinopril and carvedilol since April 2010. When he started taking them his ejection fraction was 35 - 40% and after a year on these meds his ejection fraction has improved to 40 - 45%. His cardiologist was very pleased with Jonathan's improvement.

Just thought I would share.

Susan Rathfelder


Hope you and your boy are doing well.Did you manage to meet the doctor?

Dear Wainaina,

I spent 2 hours with the cardiologist, she has been working with this combination for years with many kids, now I know how it works, what side effects, possible risks (minimum), what to measure, how often, and the dose to begin with the possibility to increase if it is well tolerated, I will send you the info later because I am at work and my papers are home.

Please send me an email to jpaa72@yahoo.com so I can send you the info.



i am so excited about this new drug i knew we  find a new drug  are  there  chance for your sons to to try  this new drug, how  long before we know  what the result are.kimmy


Juan's cardiologist told him she has worked with the combo for long.I am sure we will learn a lot from the info she gave to him.Her professional take on this approach may also prove pretty enlightening.Good day.

Ok now I know how they work together, please let me know if you are interested:





I know there is a preventive dose used for kids starting at 4 years, I talked to the pediatric cardiologist, she uses the combination as preventive with kids here in Lima with very low side effects, that is whta I was loking for , my appointment is tomorrow night , i´ll let you know what she tells me about it.



David said:

Juan - I did a bit of research and its still unclear to me how you would move on this independently of a clinical study that replicates the findings on the MDX mouse.




For treatment after heart failure, lisinopril dosing recommendations stop after six weeks.

Treatment of heart attack (myocardial infarction) is started with individual doses of 5 mg followed by 5 mg after 24 hours, 10 mg after 48 hours and then 10 mg daily. Treatment is continued for 6 weeks.


For treatment of high blood pressure, lisinpril dosing is 20-40mg/day, with little improvement of higher doses

The starting dose of lisinopril for treating high blood pressure is 10 mg daily. The usual dose range is 20-40 mg daily. A dose of 80 mg is not much more effective than 40 mg.


Do you know how the dosage given to MDX mice would translate to humans? I didn't find that in the Circulation article, but most of that article is over my head anyway.




How is the going,Juan.Will get you my boys weight over the weekend.It is Friday here now,so tomorrow or day after i will do that.You mentioned that your boy is starting on Deflazacort too,or he has done them for some time now?

Does anybody have access to the full article in Circulation journal? I can only find abstracts.



He started with this combo, all together.



wainaina muiruri said:



How is the going,Juan.Will get you my boys weight over the weekend.It is Friday here now,so tomorrow or day after i will do that.You mentioned that your boy is starting on Deflazacort too,or he has done them for some time now?

Hello David,

I have also been looking for the whole of the original document.I clicked on the article on Heart Failure Drugs on the PPMD home page, where i then found and followed the link to Circulation.I am not sure whether the item i found there titled Original Document is the whole document or not.





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