Has anyone taken a Zappy Scooter through the airport/onto a plane?

We are considering taking our Zappy scooter to Florida for the first time.  I know I can get it down the ramp to the door, but it is so heavy-- has anyone had any problem getting it stowed underneath?  Has security asked for any additional documentation since it doesn't look like a "regular" mobility device?


Any tips would be great!  Thanks!

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Hi....I am a flight attendant and have a son with DMD. As you can imagine, we travel often. He has the go-go scooter which we have traveled with. I am not familiar with the zappy but from photos I pulled up on line it appears to be a 3 wheeler that you stand up on...Is this right??? While it is probably not necessary, I would carry a note from his doctor stating that he needs the scooter for medical reasons. This isn't needed for more traditional scooters. I have found that when going through security{TSA} just tell them that he needs to stay on the scooter or he will fall..They will let him go through the door they push wheelchairs through. On the other side they will "pat" him down {legs and arms} while you are beside him. If he is under 12, he doesn't need to remove his shoes. From what I've been told they actually prefer people to  ride the device through, that way they are not liable if there were to be damage to the device. When you get to the gate, tell the agent that he has the scooter and if he will need any help getting on board. Most airports have elevators they take the scooters down so you don't have to worry about getting it down...they also have several strong men on the ramp that load it into the plane. If you are making a connection to get to Florida, the airlines will probably transfer the scooter on the ramp so please advise the departing agent if you will need a wheelchair to assist with the connection. To make the whole thing less stressful please get to the airport early and allow extra time for a connection. When you arrive at your final destination, the airline personal will bring the scooter up to the gate. Again allow extra time because these things can be slow. If you are going to Disney, they are fabulous about making special  arrangements and having the kids feel like superstars.!!! Please don't hesitate to ask for any assistance you might need. People usually want to help, but aren't sure how to with kids. Please let me know if you have any other questions.... 

Thank you so much for the info!  Yes, the scooter is one where he can stand up, but it also has a seat, which I will make him use for travel through the airport.  It collapses slightly for transport, but is still very heavy!  I am glad to hear that there is an elevator, even though 2 men could transport it fairly easily.  He won't need any other wheel chairs for transfers, and luckily, we don't have a connection. 

Thanks again!  This should be an adventure!

Regina, how is your son making out with the Zappy scooter?   My son is 10 and walking okay for short distances.    Is the Zappy reasonably stable, and are the controls pretty easy to use?    

Jason, so sorry to just be getting back to you on this!  We were away, and I totally forgot.  My son loves the Zappy scooter.  We got it last spring when he was ten.  It is stable, but there's no support, so they have to be able to keep themselves secure when sitting or standing on it.  My son fell off once when "off roading" on it, and he was going way to fast.  We have not had any problems taking it anywhere, but it is heavy.  We just got a portable ramp so that I can get it in and out of the car by myself.

The controls are easy, but the break is a squeeze handle.  It made my son's hand tired, so we flipped it so that he has to push down on it, rather then squeeze it torwards him, and he has no problem.


Hope that helps,


(PS-- if your son uses email, I'd be happy to have him email Jordan so he could ask abou tit if he wants)

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