Hey Guys!
Have any of you gotten your h1n1 vaccine yet?

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Hi Susan,
I had all my kids (ages 4, 8, 10 & 12) vaccinated last Monday (what fun that was!!). They had both the H1N1 and the regular infuenza vaccine. None of them had any side affects from the vaccines.
Kyle got it last Monday also....
My Mom is taking me tuesday to get the h1n1 vaccination.
I heard in the news, about some people having adverse affects from the shot?
My mom was a bit worried; But Im sure getting the virus is worse.
My whole family (me, husband , non-DMD son and DMD son) was vaccinated over a week ago, when the vaccines first came out. None of us had any problems. Make sure you get the injected vaccine, not the nasal flumist given your chronic condition (and immunosuppression?) I wouldnt be too concerned about side effects
Yes Tanner got his last Thursday, his older sisters will get theirs this week.
Thanks for all the replies everyone!
I personally have not had one, nor my family members. My son with DMD does not want it either, that is our personal decision due to lack of research.
Mia--from what I understand the H1N1 would of been included in the seasonal flu shots if found sooner. Next year one shot for both. Both kiddos got both and waiting for the second dose of H1N1.

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