We are starting Trey out on Steroids today.


He needs to be at 15mg a day.  Doctor special ordered us 5mg tablets...


Does anyone know if there are any contraindications to spreading out the tabs evenly to help with the side-effects I have heard about?  (Giving 1 - 5mg tab every 6 hours)  or is it a must to give all 15mg at one shot?


Hope someone has tried this before =) and any thoughts are appreciated!



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Which steroid?
Our son takes his all in one gulp. Haven't heard of spreading out the daily dose to reduce side-effects. We'd do anything to reduce the side-effects!
Honestly, I don't think spreading them out is going to reduce the side effects. I would think you are better off ordering the 30mg tablets and giving him 1/2 tablet in the morning. If you see side effects during the day then try nightly dosing, but we were told to give them in the morning all at once as the best effort to reduce side effects.
Thanks ladies. We are starting with trying the prednisone and if it doesn't work or we start seeing ill effects we will immediately switch to deflazacourt. Trey is a very happy very well manner child and we have high hopes that this will not change his personality...although it is scary. We were given the 5mg pills this time around because we are updosing him over the next 2 weeks to see how his little personality/attention span handles all of the changes, but our pediatric neurologist told us that she has many kids with other disorders that are on prednisone (non-DMD however) and when their families spread the dosages out, CONSISTENTLY, that they have alot less behavioral problems and don't seem quite as hungry...yes the kids do have the other problems, hair growth, stunted growth, acne occasionally, etc...but the behavior seems more manageable when spread out...maybe we will give it a shot and see how it goes...

Many blessings, Cori
I was told by our Dr's to give them his 15mg all at once. I know starting steroids is so scary...we are still getting adjusted ourselves with Landon. We started in January of this year. I have tried morning and afternoon both, at first I had trouble trying to figure out how to give a 4 year old a pill...which we could never get him to swallow so I now get creative and mix it into a little Mt Dew (like 1/4 tsp on the med dropper measurement) mashed up and give it to him in a medicine dropper with a little drink right after...this was the ONLY thing I could do to get him to take it. Everyone on this site is so helpful and wonderful when you need to know something...I am so grateful for this site. Giving the steriods all at once to my son first thing in the morning has been the best for all side effects and his sleep. So far he behaves well and sleeps well. Best of luck to you on your journey with steriods...in saying so the benefits and increase in strength so far has been well worth the worries they caused us at fist start.

do you give them before or after breakfast?My doctor has also prescribed Omezaprale to help his tummy  as well, any one else giving their son this ??

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