Does anyone have a resource for help funding for a vehicle lift? We purchased a van, but now need a ramp or lift. We will also be needing a power chair soon. I understand the cost is upwards of $35,000.00! Our private insurance has a $2,500.00 per year cap on durable equipment. How are people supposed to pay for this stuff?

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I saw on your profile that you are in Sacramento, it that correct? Are you registered with CCS (California Children's Services)? If you qualify financially they do help with DME stuff. You should look up Kim Innabi (she's on here also), she got CCS to cover her son's chair just last year. She would probably be a good resource. A far as the van, we just bought a full-sized Ford and had it converted, we refinanced our house to pay for it. We were lucky that we did not have much left to pay on our mortgage. Instead of having our house paid off in 7 years we started all over with a new 15 year mortgage. What kind of van do you have? You might look at Nor Cal Mobility ( ) to see what they can do for a ramp. The van thing can be complicated.


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