My doctors keep pushing Fosamax for my son, but I have heard of many dangers with it including: jaw necrosis, thigh fractures, and esophageal cancer.  Has anyone had experience with this?

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We actually went further than fosamax. Our son broke his tibia/fibia straight across at the ankle from just rolling his ankle on the edge of the pool when he was only 7. We saw an endocrinologist and he had dexa scans to see how oesteoporotic he was from taking the steroids.

HIs Z score at the age of 7.5 was -2.8 for his L1-L4 and Toal Body was -1.7

We decided to actually do bisphosphinate therapy and he had zalidronate infusions every 6 months (he has had 3 now) his latest Z scores show that it has worked really well.

His L1-L4 has come back to -0.5 (from -2.8) and his total body is -0.8 (from -1.7)


We were warned about the jaw necrosis aswell, but decided that it was worth the risk




It has worked better than was expected and I think we may be looking at either doing 1 more infusion or skipping it and reassessing after his next dexa scan next year.

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