Has anyone used FMLA intermittently?  My son will be starting kindergarten and he will need the accessible van transportation.  The van comes to our house at a time that would make me late for work by 30 minutes.  My first plan is to ask for a flex schedule, but I am expecting that to be shot down.

So 30 minutes a day every am he has school.  What are your thoughts about the FMLA use?

we do no have the means to transport his wheelchair at the moment and even when we do I will still run into the time issue- drop off time would make me late to work.  There is a child care program at the school, but I do not have the accessible vehicle yet and I am unsure about that program having an aide to attend to his needs.  I could go on as to why I cannot make it work another way, but just looking specifically for your thoughts about the FMLA. 



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I use FMLA at work as needed for Xavier's appointments and such, however I am still required to use my time in 4 or 8 hour increments per my work place policy, so you will need to look into your individual work place policy and per FMLA rules you are limited to a total of 12 weeks of leave total a year of FMLA time off, so you have to include all of your time you are going to take off for related time off, including sick days, MD visits, IEP meetings and such.  If your workplace is going to let you work your FMLA that way more power to you!  Even if you don't work it out that way for school I recommend getting the paperwork in place for the times you do need to take FMLA time as you will need it for days you call in to work when your son is sick, has MD visits and has IEP meetings and such.  It is so much easier to not fight the system that way.  Good Luck! 

Yes, I also looked into FMLA and based on the company rules, they allow extended paid sick leave and if need be unpaid leave up to 12 weeks. I so far am able to use the sick leave available to cover the need. But it is a nice option to have.
Is he in wheelchair at kindergarten age? Does he need an aide? Most boys that young are pretty mobile.

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