My son Zachary (who will be nine this summer) is going to MDA Summer Camp for the first time and this momma is a wreck! The list of worries I have is unending and more or less irrational ! Such as: lost in the woods, attacked by wild animal and other dumb stuff. He doesn't need much in the way of medical help, so I should have nothing to worry about. I know other kids who are further along have lots of needs such as eating, showering, etc. I should not be worried about Zach.


Any advise to help me get thru his first time away ???

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When Justin went to camp the first time, he was 6yrs old. I cried every single day he was gone and was a paranoid wreck. Then we picked him up. he was beaming with a huge smile on his face. he started crying. Not because he missed me, but because he had so much fun he didnt want to go home! My husband volunteered for 3yrs at Justins camp. they take very good care of the kids and the kids have a blast. Relax and re-energize yourself while he is at camp! Oh, and our mda staff took pics when they would go out there and then email them to me so I could see that he was ok and happy!



Last year was Nicolas' first time too.  I kept it together for him, by not telling him how much I would miss him, or showing him my worries.  I just told him to have fun and kept telling him how much fun he would have.  he's never been away from home more than a sleep over at his aunt's house.  On the drive home, I cried because I missed him so much.  There were even tornado and storm concerns in the area (a day or two later).... so that made me even worse.


The thing is, a day away from him is so hard because I know of the limit on his time here just by having DMD.  I never thought about this with my older son who does not have DMD. So being away from him tears at my heart.


Just as Justin was when Samantha picked him up.... so was Nicolas.  I thought it would be harder on him never being away from us very long.  Not the case at all... he wanted to stay another week!!  He had all the girls (camp counselors) loving him, and he loved that!!  The boys get so much attention, and get to pretty neat stuff.  The motto is, you can do anything here - unlike at home with all the rules.  They truly spoil them, and the boys have a blast.  Nicolas can't wait for summer this year so he can go back.


You're going to worry no matter what because this is your little guy and it's a whole week away!!  But just know that he's going to probably love it and it gives the boys a sense of freedom.

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