My husband and I have been discussing how Max's DMD will impact us financially, and the state of oru finances in general, and we have considered my return to work outside the home at some point. Staying home with my children is very important to me (No judgement AT ALL on moms who work! This is just my personal preference and I never made a very impressive salary.), so I hope to stay home at least until Max is in preschool. For those moms of school-age boys, how much time a week do you spend at therapies, meeting with teachers, etc? How difficult is it to work when your son has Duchenne?

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Well, we never know where life will take us -- I found a great part-time job at Texas A&M University! I'll be working 20 hours a week, but the hours are relatively flexible (I'm actually probably going to work one evening a week for three or four hours so my husband can take care of the kids for one night, which will be good for all three of them, I think), and one of my best friends will be taking care of Max while Holly's at school. I trust her completely and know that Max will be in good hands, even if he misses his mommy a little. She has an 18-month old who will become Max's best buddy, I bet.

The best part is the pay is quite good for a part-time job, so we'll really be able to save a lot for future expenses and have a little money for fun weekend trips with the kids a couple of times a year. And since I'll only be working four or five hours at a time, I'll still have plenty of time to take the kids swimming, go to the park and just hang out!

I think this job is a good happy medium: I'll spend more of my days with Max than without him and still help our family out financially.
i was a full time working mum from Connor being 6 months old, when we found out about his DMD when he was 5 i gave up my full time job and work part time term time only as i find this easier to fit in appointments with doctors ,school etc. also i like to collect Connor from school so i know what kind of day he has had. we did have to do some adjusting to our finances but we do manage without my full time wage.
It's odd that I came to this post just now.

My daughter Heather has been at the same job for 17 years. She works from her home office. She got an email last week saying that they are closing the home offices and the only way she can keep her job is to move to the main office which is 2 hours away. Working from home gave her the opportunity to be there when Jacob got off the bus. Take time off to take Jacob to his appointments and be there at school for special occasions. She took Meredith to day care but could keep her home when she was sick or if Jacob was sick there was not a problem. She has the health insurance for the family as well. Her husband has a small company in the area so moving is not an option, plus Jacob is finally at a school where he feels at home and is doing well. There are no jobs around this area at all and houses just aren't selling. She is at her wits end trying to figure out what is going to happen. There are 2 other women who are in the same boat from this area and one only has 5 more years to retire and the other 10 so they were thinking about renting an apartment and commuting. This might be the answer for a little while but this is not a long time solution. This would kill my daughter to be away from the kids for a week at a time and it would also be horrible for the kids. I will have to cut my hours to be there for Jacob after school and pick up Meredith from daycare and homework, dinner and baths till Dad gets home and then have to go home to take care of my home, which I will do, because there's nothing I won't do for the kids but how long can it be kept up is what I wondering?

Just needed to vent. She has a meeting with the company bigwigs tomorrow to see what the timeline of the closing of the offices is so we see how much time we have to re-group once again.

Just seems like it's one thing after another anymore!

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