Hi my name is Gisel and am a carrier mom, I didn't know I was a carrier until my son Dylan was born actually we didn't know that Dylan had DMD until a month after he passed, that same day I found out that I was a carrier. We had our 3 year old tested right away and he is not DMD. My problem is that I very often blame myself for being the reason why Dylan is gone. I know it isn't but I do it. I also find myself allowing David to get away with things that I would have never let him do before Dylans birth and passing. Sometimes I feel that my marriage might begin to suffer. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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You definitely need to talk it out, with your husband, family, friends, pastor, etc. I have times where I feel very guilty. I find myself letting Gavin get away with things, but that is not the answer. Kids definitely need discipline. Go to church, temple, whatever you religion and surround yourself with supportive people.

Oh sweetie I am so sorry you feel this way but it is normal, even though you are not guilty of this at all. It is not our fault, it is genetics. Be easy on yourself, you are suffering a great loss and you are still grieving for you son. Let it all out when you need to, we are here for you. 

I am feeling super guilty because my brother had DMD, and I am a carrier...yet I still decided to get pregnant and now my son has Duchenne. I will always feel guilty and irresponsible because of this. I did this to my son and now he will suffer.

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