Exon 51 skip (GSK2402968) in ambulant boys Canada

Phase III GSK exon 51 skip  ambulatory boys, recruiting.
48 week trial, Montreal, we are starting soon.

weekly injection (subcutaneous), 2 muscle biopsies, etc,etc.


Here we go!

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Good luck!

Best of luck to you.  Its nice to see exon skipping in Phase III trials.


Is this a blind trial, or do you know that they'll be getting the drug?  Love to hear how it goes, please keep us informed.


Best of luck!  Our son had the double biopsy, blood draws (no injections, though), diaries and the six minute walk test for the phase 2b PTC 124 trial.  Your son will definitely get tired of watching that 6 minute walk video (lol).  It was worth it all though. Ever though Jacob was on the placebo during the double blind trial he is now getting the drug through the open label safety trial.  Hoping they all work and some day we will have a choice of treatments!!  Wouldn't that be amazing!  We are so close!


@ Andrew Double blind study, but would get the drug in extension study after 48 weeks.

best of luck !!!! Keep us all posted!!
Rock on Andrea!!!!  I'm praying for this to work for our boys!

Praying our day has come!


Does anyone have any contact info for the trial site in Montreal?  I have a number (514-345-4931 ext 6729), but I can't seem to connect with anyone there who speaks English well enough, so I get transferred to someone who knows nothing about the trial.



My email address is metcalfefamily@hotmail.com 



I just e-mailed your above address with some info.


Hi Andrea, you wouldn't mind sending me that info too?





When I said "here in Montreal", I meant as a trial site for the Eastern part of Canada.

Andrea Cleary said:

@ Angela Yes, so close that I can taste it, but still worried it's too late for him, ya know? I wish he was younger (11 in July)

They want to get 6 boys here in Montreal, so 4 would get the drug, and 2 the placebo.



Has anyone seen the full text of this article?



If the data is as good as the abstract, where it claims a mean increase of 10% in the six minute walk test after the 12 week extension, then this should be some good stuff.  I'd be curious as to what the mean change in a six minute walk test is after 12 weeks for the general DMD population in any event.


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