I attended a conference at UC Davis in Sacramento California over the holiday weekend. This is the same clinic that my son attends. i have the upmost respect for dr. Craig McDonald who is the primary presenter at the conference.
I was absolutely floored by the results he presented from a biotechnology company called Cardero and a substance called epicatechin in 6 Becker patients. it was only an 8 week trial so there is simply looking at biomarkers and not functional results. But the biomarkers were uniformly positive cross several dimensions including follistatin myostatin and so forth.Dr McDonald then indicated that he was looking for research dollars to apply this to Duchenne. I strongly encourage PPMD to look closely at this project.

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It is really a great news!!!!  Looking forward the continuation!!!

I found a few drug factury which product +Epi. I am gonna send them emails, perhaps.......

Hi Rados,

Could you please let me know if you still see an improvement with Follidrone?

How old is your son,please?

Hello! He is 10. I cant see improvement in case of walking because he has been having pain in his thigh for months. But he can hold and lift up his head when he is lieing without less help. He's abdominal muscle seems to be stronger.
But two months is a very short time.
Probobly his handa and hand grip is better a little. Winter he could not lift up his winter coat and now he can lift up and throw it away.
I give my son green tea extract,but don't know if this might help.I am happy to hear that your son is improving,Rados
Maybe he is just in a better shape, not improvening. Will see a few months later.
Green tea is ok, but not the same.
How old is yours?
He will be 10 on Jully
Getting harder. :(((
Folllidrone is nothing close to the trial material. the level of purity is everything, and you can rest assured that the trial molecule is very different. it is expensive, very advanced, very closely guarded process...i heard rumors it cost around $500k just to manufacture enough for the 7 person Becker trial! Follidrone is simply no substitute no matter how trustworthy the Suppliers.
Yes, David! You are right! Follidrone is -(-) epi, and just hope pure enough. It should be at least 98% pure. +(-) epi is very very very expensive.

Anybody knows any update on Epicatechin trial in DMD?

Rados are you still continuing with Follidrone? Did you see any improvement.

Sadly I have no update. At Berkeley MDA conference in October UC Davis researchers suggested movement towards dose finding study by end of this year, but so far it's not been announced

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